Mestizo Association and editorial of Spanish photography. Murcia, Spain
Association Gironina d Entiats fotográfiques

Photo Files

Photo High Interesting photographic archive specialising in images of Europe. Very highly recommended.
Queen-int (International press agency)
Roca-Sastre (Press Agency – File Image)
Patagonia Press
age Fotostock
Photo Staff (Photo Agency Chilean)
Index (File Photo)
Nelsonsouto File photo staff on trips and monographs
Katalogo Directory Catalog of photo files and websites related to photography.
Photography interesting Links to other sites related to photography.
WildPhoto File of images related to the animal world.
Fotoscopio Images of Latin america.
Multimagen The site of the Photograph in Spanish on the Internet.
Artifact File of images of all kinds.
MPTV photo Archive dedicated to the stars of film and television.
Photo-Video Manolo photographic Archive with hundreds of photos of Galicia.

Shops, and repair of photographic material

Flashnet-Shopping Magnificent store of photographic material with a material of very good quality within the reach of all of us.
Focal Products Fotografícos Distributor of cameras, films, paper, color, chemicals, bags and cases, accessories, photo frames, albums, cameras, pilasy batteries, cassettess and video.
Digital Press First Spanish agency via the internet, Madrid, Spain
Photography Gar computing Siltronic Repair cameras photo, technical service, Canon for andalusia.
Eurosimer imports, distributes and rents photographic material.
Digital photo company specializing in digitization of images in format Photo CD
M. C. Photos Visit our store on the Internet. We have the service of revealed on-line. Photographic services inegrales.
EGM Laboratory of color photography Services comprehensive.

Schools and Universities

Latin american library Tulane University New Orleans, USA
High school Training Photographic School dedicated to teaching the art of photography. It is the first school of photography of the city of la Plata (Buenos Aires-Argentina) and one of the few institutes teaching photography within the country that sponsors KODAK PROFESSIONAL.


Alfonso Quiroga Ferro Fotorafía advertising.

Galleries and Auctions

Bisualbis virtual gallery
International Center of Photography, Gallery of photographs.

History, News, and Reviews

Encontros of photography, Braga, Portugal
PhotoEspaña 2000 3a. edition of the International Festival of Photography.

Museums and Institutions

The Telefónica Foundation, Madrid, Spain
Center of the Image, Mexico including the journal Luna Cornea

Official Pages

Canon Official site for Canon.
Kodak Official site for Kodak, self-service photography.
Agfa official site for Agfa.
Minolta Official Site


Fotomundo Magazine with the largest dissemination in Argentina.
FotoPlus Brazil Website with news, discussion list, Vilem Flusser in Brazil, etc
Photo web, Madrid, Spain.
Luna Cornea One of the best magazines with portfolios texts and monographs in each number, Mexico.
Magazine Photo, Spain
PV, Spain
Photography magazines
The Current Picture
The Shadow’s first magazine of photography Argentina.
Digital photo Notebooks creative photography and digital imaging.
Super Photo Practice The magazine that makes it easy to photograph.

Websites related to Photography

Easy photography This corner is aimed at people who use their camera for vacation or family events, and who want to improve their photos without getting into technical complexities. Basic but very effective, if only for curiosity we recommend it.
Directory of Spanish Photography
Connect-Art, Visual Arts, Barcelona, Spain
Artque Directory of Spanish art
Photo Plus Brazil website with news, list of discussion, Vilem Flusser in Brazil…
The website of photography, alternative Techniques and alternative processes.
Batlle Digital Image Restoration of old photographs or damaged. Edition of images. Digital photography.
Fotomobil Agency of photographers with coverage in all Spain, professional Services comprehensive.
Fotoportal The first fotobuscador hispanic. Page photograph taken by Spanish amateur open to participation. Articles, opinion, calendar, news and exhibitions.
arD web Page dedicated to the world of design, although with interest in photography.